Ultimate guide to jewellery care!

Ultimate guide to jewellery care! | Eyes On You Co

We know how frustrating it is to buy expensive jewellery that rusts the next day, we've all been there! Thank God for 18k gold plating right? Not only do they sparkle a little more, but can last up to years with good care. So here are some points to ensure your jewels are well taken care of and can be worn daily.

  • Refrain from wearing jewellery in the shower or while applying product to areas in contact as it will fade the gold plating over time. With that, if you do accidentally forget it once or twice, no stress!
  • Don't set jewellery too tightly on the skin. Especially in summer time, it can get a bit heated and affect the longevity of gold plating, so loosen that ring or bracelet a little!
  • Occasionally clean your jewellery with a soft cloth to absorb dirt and moisture.
  • Store jewellery in dry and non humid areas such as the bathroom.